New dining tool available in Minot

A new tool previously available to diners in select locations across the U.S. will now be able to recommend Minot restaurants as well.

Nara Logics Inc. announced Tuesday the availability of its service nationwide. Previously available in 50 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada, Nara is now able to curate a unique set of personalized restaurant recommendations for the individual anywhere across the country, from big cities to small towns and everywhere in between, according to a press release from the company. Additionally, Nara has launched its Native iOS app for a sleek, user-friendly mobile experience, as well as a new website redesign.

“With Nara nationwide coverage, we are now able to tailor the Web and provide highly-personalized recommendations for virtually anyone, anywhere across the country,” said Thomas Copeman, CEO and founder of Nara, in the release.

Built by Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientists, the website, (, works by learning a person’s tastes and preferences and suggests restaurants that best suit them. Nara calls this a user’s “Digital DNA.” With its new nationwide coverage, Nara now guarantees a user can apply their Digital DNA to absolutely any location across the country. Nara now allows users to input over 20,000 U.S. cities into the Nara website or mobile application to produce personalized and accurate recommendations for any given location.

“While the concept sounds simple, we actually had to rethink the way we store and retrieve data in order to apply a user’s Digital DNA to any location nationwide,” said Nathan Wilson, chief technology officer at Nara.

Nara’s new application also provides a number of additional features for iPhone users.

On the new Nara “Merchant” page, users can find a variety of important information including directions, phone numbers, menus, Foursquare tips and the new “Why” section, which explains why this restaurant was chosen for the user. Through the Merchant page users in some locations can also book a reservation through “OpenTable,” order delivery or pick-up through “GrubHub” and book a car through “Uber” to take them to their chosen restaurant. As of Tuesday morning, 10 restaurants in Minot were featured on the site’s “Most Popular in Minot” front page, sortable only by estimated price range. Several other local eateries were searchable entries with phone numbers available.

– Daily News Staff