Minot’s River of Life Church burglarized

The River of Life Church, on 22nd Avenue Northwest, was burglarized Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. About $500 in cash was taken.

The church has never been robbed before, according to the Rev. Ed Williamson, the senior pastor there. The burglar would have entered the building at some location, though Williamson isn’t sure where, between 11 p.m. Tuesday, when the church caterer left the building, and 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, when Williamson arrived for the day.

According to Williamson, the burglar broke through the barn-door style window of the welcome desk, splitting a piece of wood that had held it shut, and then started looking for loot in anything that was locked. The wooden face of the top-left drawer of the welcome desk had been totally removed and the money tray there was pilfered. The next drawer down had a broken handle. The locked door of Williamson’s office was also broken and the metal guard around the hole in the frame for the lock was bent and detached.

Williamson said that the police had come Wednesday morning and removed the cash drawer for prints. A call in to Minot Police Department revealed there were no suspects by noon.

The looter was probably on foot, Williamson said, because only cash was stolen, nothing larger that wouldn’t be able to fit in a pants pocket.

“It makes you wonder what they were thinking,” Williamson said of taking money from the church.

He said that the collection money is locked in a safe, so none of that was taken. He also mentioned that the church is now considering additional security features following the incident.

“We’re going to be taking some steps,” he said. “We’re definitely not going to be keeping cash in a desk drawer anymore.”