TSA changes its mind

Kudos to the Transportation Security Administration for abandoning a plan to allow passengers to carry small knives and other potentially dangerous objects on airliners.

The plan, announced months ago, came under heavy opposition from politicians and airline industry officials, as well as some members of the public. It would have allowed airline passengers to carry folding knives with blades shorter than 2.36 inches, novelty-sized baseball bats, billiard cues, ski poles, hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks and two golf clubs. TSA officials said allowing those items on planes would free up time for agents to focus on other priorities.

We never understood the idea of allowing even small, folding knives on board airliners. Obviously such knives could be used as weapons, as could golf clubs or ski poles, if necessary. TSA officials say they confiscate more than 2,000 of the small knives a day, so how much time would have been wasted by TSA agents determining if a knife blade was shorter than the allowable 2.36 inches? Better to leave the policy as it is, with all knives banned on board airliners.

We’re glad the TSA listened to critical lawmakers, industry officials and members of the public and dropped the plan. ?It was the right thing to do.