Logan flooding

LOGAN Some Logan-area residents will be monitoring dikes in coming days as high water from this past week’s heavy rain is expected to stay around for a while.

Low spots near the Souris River at Logan have been prone to flooding this spring.

Resident Marvin Mertz said his neighborhood has battled high water frequently since 2009, including being flooded out in 2011. The neighborhood began preparing for flooding this year when spring snow melt began at the end of April.

Mertz built up a dike at that time, only to have the water come within inches of going over. So he added to the dike.

“We thought we were good then and now it was within a couple of inches in the back,” he said, referring to his house, Thursday. “We sandbagged the back of it last night, and it’s held.”

Still, his basement had 6 feet of water from seepage.

Major flood stage on the Souris River at Logan is 38 feet. Records from the National Weather Service showed the river at Logan peaked at just under 36.5 feet on April 29 before falling below minor flood stage of 34 feet a few days later. The river hit a second peak of 37 feet on Wednesday but dropped .2 feet by noon Thursday. It is expected to fall below moderate flood stage of 36 feet tonight and continue declining to minor flood stage by Tuesday.

Already pumping leakage back across his dike, Mertz isn’t looking forward to the wet weather predicted for this weekend.

“I don’t want any more rain,” he said. “I have had enough water.”