Minot: ‘Leave it better’

Connie Feist, Minot

Now that spring has sprung we are finally able to get outside for recreation activities. The snow melt has unfortunately revealed an excessive amount of litter and trash in our community this year.

I’ve spoken to many people who have commented about the garbage that seems to have been deposited in every ditch and along every road and fitness trail in Minot. In response to this unsightly mess, our local runner’s group has decided to adopt a “Leave it Better” campaign.

The concept of “Leave it Better” is simple leave the trail, park or road that you are running on better than when you started your run by picking up a piece of garbage each time you finish.

While runners will do their part in addressing the litter problem in Minot, obviously more can be done if more people commit to do the same. We are making this appeal to the rest of the citizens of our fine city to join us in “Leaving it Better” each time you are outside this summer.

You will be surprised at how picking up one piece of litter becomes a habit after just a couple times doing it. You will also likely not be able to stop at just one piece; you might even find yourself bringing a bag to fill up. If you look around and don’t see any litter in the immediate vicinity walk a little further and you will likely will find some (you might even get a little more exercise than planned).

Let’s all take the initiative and make summertime in our community better than you found It.