Bountiful contributions

Jim Knudsen, Minot

The Domestic Violence Crisis Center board of directors and staff are pleased to extend another round of thanks to major contributors for the building of our new facilities. A bountiful $460,000 grant from the Minot Area Community Foundation is funding the current construction of a four-plex apartment to be used as “transitional” housing for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. Many times victims believe they cannot leave an abusive relationship due to their lack of options. These transitional facilities offer a fresh start to victims and their children by providing them an alternative to remaining in abusive relationships.

Another generous grant of $32,000 from St. Joseph’s Community Health Foundation will fund handicap provisions as well as security and safety equipment for all the facilities that will eventually comprise the “campus” of DVCC services.

In addition to these major grants, the DVCC has been blessed with big-hearted contributions of money, furniture, equipment, supplies, time and energy from businesses, churches, families, community groups and individuals too numerous to mention by name in this letter. These contributions have fully furnished and equipped the first two four-plex apartment buildings. A local service club has also pledged to provide playground equipment for the children who will be housed at the campus.

All this community support gives us the assurance to begin the construction of a new emergency shelter. The current emergency shelter (a three-bedroom safe home) has been used for more than 30 years now and has become extremely overcrowded and rundown. Due to the area’s rapidly expanding population and rising incidences of physical and sexual assault, our safe home is no longer meeting the growing needs of the women and children who are victims of domestic violence. We are hopeful that new sources of funding for this next step will be found so that we will be able to meet this crucial need.

Thanks again to all of the above who have already given so much hope to all the victims we serve.

(Knudsen is president of the Board of Directors for the Domestic Violence Crisis Center)