Cramer doesn’t make sense

Heidi E. Rintoul, Minot

When I read the article about Kevin Cramer’s recent visit to Minot, the first thing I did was laugh. And then I sat down to consider his statement about being inspired by Sen. Kent Conrad when it comes to budget issues. After pondering Cramer’s declaration, I started wondering if there was another Kent Conrad out there that Representative Cramer could have been referring to-how else could his remarks make any sense? Unless of course, his “holier than thou” complex has reached new levels, it doesn’t make sense that he would claim he looks up to someone who was a champion of the people, not a mouthpiece for the radical extremes in this country.

The Kent Conrad I know would never have used an opportunity to inspire college graduates to spread divisive and hurtful rhetoric. The Kent Conrad I know would never have hidden behind his lies and claimed fabrications were more important than factual commentary. The Kent Conrad I know would not have publicly supported tens of billions of dollars in cuts to the SNAP program, and then lied about the effects it will have on the children and seniors in our state.

It seems to me that Kevin Cramer has completely lost touch with reality. Someone close to him needs to explain-possibly using pictures and small words-that the only thing he has in common with Kent Conrad are his initials.