Who wants to be chancellor?

The North Dakota Board of Higher Education is accepting applications for the job of interim chancellor in the wake of Hamid Shirvani’s dismissal. Let’s just say we think the board has plenty of work to do in filling this position.

In a news release last week, the board said it is looking for a leader with “significant experience in higher education and statewide leadership.” The job also requires someone who can work “collaboratively” with the 11 university presidents, represent the system effectively with legislators and the governor and lead the system office. The board will discuss applicants at its June 20 meeting and hopes to fill the position by the end of the month.

That might not be easy. The job is on an interim basis, since residents will vote in November 2014 on a constitutional amendment that would scrap the board and the chancellor’s position in favor of a three-member of higher education appointed by the governor. And given the controversy surrounding the chancellor and the board for the past few years, the number of applicants could be limited.

The job pays well (the last one made $349,000 a year), and there are plenty of good things happening within the system that could attract qualified candidates.

Plus, Shirvani’s tenure ended in failure, and the ousted chancellor still walked away with nearly $1 million in salary and benefits over the next two years, despite breaking state laws and contributing to a chaotic environment in the university system.

So perhaps the job of interim chancellor will be attractive to someone after all.