Truly in their best interest?

The Obama administration said this week that it will comply with a judge’s order that allows girls of any age to buy emergency contraception without a prescription.

Certainly we know there are politics at work around this decision. Supporters of women’s rights, or in this case girls’ rights, will applaud Obama’s decision.?Conservatives will continue to oppose allowing girls of any age to purchase such serious medication without a prescription or without their parents’ knowledge.

We’re still amazed at the potential effects of this decision, and that reasonable people on both sides can’t put politics aside and ask themselves this question: Is this good for our children?

Consider that a 12-year-old girl can’t legally buy a Big Gulp fountain soda in New York City. She could buy emergency contraception pills without question.

A 12-year old girl in any state can’t buy cigarettes, liquor or pornographic magazines. She could buy emergency contraception pills in any drug store.

A 12-year old girl in Minot can’t buy a ticket to an R-rated movie, perhaps not even to a PG-13 movie if she’s under 13 years of age and doesn’t have a parent or guardian with her. She could buy emergency contraception pills by herself.

A middle-schooler in North Dakota likely can’t receive an aspirin from the school nurse without a written note from the student’s parents or doctor. She could buy emergency contraception medication without her parents’ knowledge.

“She” could be any young girl in the nation. “She” could be your daughter, or our daughter. “She” could just as easily be Sasha Obama or Malia Obama. We wonder what President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama really think about that possibility. Politics nonewithstanding, we wonder if Barack and Michelle Obama, as parents, truly believe such a law is the best thing for their daughters or anyone else’s daughters.