Drilling at Voltaire site unsuccessful

VOLTAIRE An oil company’s drilling efforts at a site in the Voltaire area six months ago came up empty, the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources reported on Friday.

Cambridge Production Inc., a company based in Amarillo, Texas, had obtained a drilling permit on Nov. 1 for the Larson 1 well in southern McHenry County. The site is east of Voltaire, or southeast of Velva.

The site is a number of miles away from the high-level drilling in the oil patch.

Because the company was issued a confidential permit, by state law the N.D. Department of Mineral Resources could not release information about the well for six months, except the operator name, well name, location, spacing or drilling unit description, spud date, rig contractor and any production runs from the well.

The information became available on Friday.

Alison Ritter, public information officer for the N.D. Department of Mineral Resources in Bismarck, said the well was spud (when drilling started) on Dec. 14, 2012, and by Dec. 24, 2012, it was plugged.

“They were targeting the Madison Formation and came up empty,” she said. She said the company submitted its reclamation plans on May 23.