Skaw ND Precast offers septic tanks and pads

TIOGA – A longtime, family-owned Wisconsin business has expanded to North Dakota.

Skaw ND Precast opened the doors to its new Tioga plant April 22. It is owned by company founder Jack Skaw, his daughter and son-in-law, Jessica and Merrit Super, family friend Fred Banister, and cousin Michael Skaw. Juan Baldonado is an employee at the plant.

Jessica Super said her father Jack founded Skaw Precast Co. in New Auburn, Wis. around 40 years ago. She has been working for her father for around 10 years, while her cousin and husband have also worked at the family business for several years each.

“So we all have a little bit of background in making the tanks,” Super said.

The new Tioga plant joins ones in New Auburn and Spooner, Wis. Skaw mainly manufacturers concrete septic tanks and concrete pads. Super said the pads, which come in thicknesses of 6 and 8 inches, are used mainly in the oil fields, and their main customer for those is Hess.

The septic tanks come in a number of different capacities, from just over 650 gallons to just over 2,000. The Tioga plant also manufacturers concrete combination tanks from just over 750 gallons to just over 1,200, and 665-gallon stock tanks. In addition, there are other items available such as precast grease interceptors, infiltrator chambers, concrete storm shelters and basins, manhole risers, covers, alerts, alarms, fuel containment cells and precast farm products.

Super said North Dakota was an ideal place to open a new location because of all the opportunity here, particularly with the oil boom driving construction to unprecedented levels.

“We just saw that there was a need for more septic tanks with all the building and manufacturing here,” Super said. “And it sounded like other septic tank manufacturers weren’t quite keeping up with the demand for them, so we just thought that there was a need for them out here.”

As for why they chose Tioga specifically, Super chalked that up to a bit of luck.

“We are so lucky that we landed here in Tioga. I couldn’t have picked a better group of guys here to work with,” Super said. “Tioga was just the first place we stopped in at this plant (Tioga Ready Mix) and asked if we could move in here and they said yes.”

Super said the location has turned out to be an excellent one and they love being there. It’s not only a great place for business, but Super also enjoys living there. She likes living in a small town, noting Tioga, at over 1,200 people, is actually bigger than New Auburn, which has a population of 485.

“So we like the small-town atmosphere around here, too,” Super said.

Super and her husband like it so much she said they would like to buy a house sometime in the future and make Tioga their permanent home.

“It’s a very easy adjustment and everybody’s real friendly around here,” Super said. “I like it.”

About the only complaint Super has about Tioga so far is the constant rain, which makes their dirt yard an extremely sloppy place to work. Super said she had heard North Dakota was an extremely dry place, but has quickly found out that information was in error, at least during the current wet cycle.

Other than the rain and late spring, Super couldn’t be happier with how things are going so far. She said her customers have been pleased with the service they have received, so everyone appears to be happy that Skaw ND Precast has moved to town.

“We’ve had a few customers put in septic tanks with us and they said that they would definitely buy from us again,” Super said.