Minot trains are too loud

Lori Murphy, Minot

I am a “transplant” to Minot from Riverside, Calif. I have been here since March and love this quaint city! So many of Minot’s people are nice and very eager to help out when we have a question about the area.

I have a big question geared toward railroad companies for those who live next to or near the railroad tracks. Why is it OK for the train conductors to sound their horns for such a long time and quite often seem to just be obnoxious about it?

I don’t know if this has ever been brought up before, but the little city I come from finally got fed up with the offensiveness of the sounding horns and had the railroad put in auto horns at the intersections of crossings. When a train is approaching at a certain point, the horns begin and they stop just after the last train car clears the intersection. It is much nicer and the conductors cannot abuse their horns when going through a community. It is just a thought.