Government is watching

Del Snavely, Crosby

Does it bother you that our government is collecting information from your cell phone and Internet accounts? It should, and here’s why. Even if you “know” that you’ve never committed a crime, you’re probably wrong.

Between federal, state and local laws, no matter who you are or where you live, you’re probably a criminal. There are tens of thousands of federal laws alone, that no one knows about. More are created every year. For every new law created, numerous sub-laws may apply. How easy to break a law without knowing? Considering “ignorance is no excuse for the law,” you’re a criminal. That easy!

“When men have more laws than they can remember, they have too many.” Ragnar The Viking

People put personal information everywhere. That’s dangerous. I’m not worried that a stranger will steal my identity. I’m more worried I may admit to something I didn’t know was a “crime” in an email, or inadvertently write something that gets someone in trouble because, “who knew?”

The government’s actions are crystal clear: It will spy on us at every opportunity, in any way it likes. Drones have been flying over North Dakota since 2006 with infrared and geothermal imaging. Now they want a “training” facility here. Is Orwell’s 1984 here? Do you care? Who knew their kids were training for warfare playing video games?

Spying on journalists, political groups and the masses to “making us safer” is here in 2013. Are RFID and National ID next? “Your papers, please! Why are you here?”

We’ve given more Freedom away than “terrorists” ever thought of taking. Consider yourself a prisoner already. Your jail? The USA. You may travel within our boarders, but we’re watching you and we have all of your neighbors watching you too. So be afraid, be very afraid, because if the “terrorists” don’t get you, “we” eventually will.

Ma and Pa told me, “Don’t air your dirty laundry in public.” Who really needs Facebook and a cell phone? Not me. Is it really so hard to write a letter or use a real phone? When you think about all the ways we can be criminalized and tracked, it’s not worth it.

Take a cell phone picture next time you see a drone flying over, post it to Facebook, then ask yourself again: Are you still sure you’re not a criminal?