Mitchell on Devils Lake, TV show

Jason Mitchell is host of the Jason Mitchell Outdoors television series and operator of Mitchell’s Guide Service out of Woodland Resort on Devils Lake. Although he spends countless hours on lakes and rivers throughout the Upper Midwest while acquiring footage to air on Jason Mitchell Outdoors, his home and home water is Devils Lake.

While taping an episode of bass fishing on a South Dakota lake this past week, Mitchell took the time to answer a few questions for the Minot Daily News.

MDN – What has been the best way to catch walleyes on Devils Lake so far this season?

Mitchell – Devils Lake has a lot of clear water right now, down to 6 feet or more. You can see the fish. People ask me how to catch them and I say, you don’t. Even if you catch one there might be 10 others that follow and turn away. The clear water probably cuts the catch in half or more.

The whole key is finding the stained water. We’re casting a lot of Mimic Minnows – the paddletails, and then slip bobbers. Those are probably the two best presentations this spring. You’ll actually catch a lot more fish in stained water. The key is warmer temperatures in stained water. That’s where you’ll find walleyes.

MDN – It has been a late start to the fishing season in many areas of the state. Is Devils Lake included?

Mitchell – It has been a cool, late spring. Overall fishing effort has been down because of the weather. I would say, overall, we’ve had more scheduled guide trips cancelled because of wind than in the last four years combined. Fishing has been fun when we get out. We just need some nice stable weather so more people can fish and experience good fishing.

MDN – I know you are fishing, working on another season of Jason Mitchell Outdoors. What do viewers have to look forward to in upcoming shows?

Mitchell – What we are doing now is getting into the groove of filming stuff. Our whole focus right now is just getting footage. It makes for long days and a lot of traveling but it is one of my favorite times of the year. That’s the mode we’re in right now.

The current season wraps up in late June or early July. Then there’s a break and the new season starts in October. Coming up we’ve got a show fishing with Clayton Folden on Sakakawea. I was filming in Ontario a couple weeks ago. I’m in South Dakota now bass fishing. When I get back the plan is to do more on Devils Lake and also Sakakawea.