Tops in Blue tour postponed

Tops in Blue, the Air Force’s premier entertainment showcase that has consistently performed in Minot won’t be visiting here for awhile.

Because of sequestration budget cuts to the military, the show’s 60th anniversary tour has been postponed.

But Edward Jones, Tops in Blue performance director, said Thursday that Air Force Entertainment will start to rehearse for a new show Oct. 1 and will begin touring later this year. He said they do not have a schedule yet for the new show.

Tops in Blue is an all-active duty U.S. Air Force special unit made up of talented amateur performers.

Jones pointed out that Minot is a great community to hold the Tops in Blue show. He also noted the city has been the site of the worldwide talent show. Winners of the worldwide event are selected as well as the performers for the traveling Tops in Blue show. Crowds packed into the local auditorium for the talent show when it was held in Minot, Jones said. The worldwide talent event was held in the Minot Municipal Auditorium at least three times.

Air Force Entertainment is located at Lackland AFB, Texas.