Fatal crash has new details

The information first made public about Sunday’s head-on collision in the 4200-block of North Broadway that resulted in the death of Robert Morrison, 49, Westhope, left more questions than answers.

The press release announced that two vehicles were involved and that both drivers and one passenger were transported to Trinity Hospital in Minot, where Morrison was pronounced dead. But that entire section of North Broadway, leading out of the city and continuing on as rural U.S. Highway 83, is a divided four-lane road where a head-on collision should be improbable.

It turns out that an unidentified female driver may have been the responsible party.

An investigation performed in a joint effort by the Minot Police Department, the North Dakota Highway Patrol, and the Ward County Sheriff’s Department has revealed a couple details, but the incident remains under investigation so official information is limited.

Minot Police Department officer Shane Johnson said that the woman claims she had missed her turn on 36th Avenue from the highway, where she was heading to drop a friend off. Since the accident occurred just after 1 a.m., the road was dark and she seemed to forget it was a divided highway.

To correct her error, it is believed that she made a U-turn in the 4400-block, but into oncoming traffic, thinking it was a two-lane road. This resulted in the accident.

Although some alcohol was consumed that night, no arrest was made for any inebriation charges. No details are available as to whether charges are pending.