Minot AFB prepared for hijacking

Airmen from Minot AFB jumped out of a Humvee and rushed toward a white bus standing in as a grounded hijacked passenger plane, checking the windows for threats and keeping their eyes on their rifle scopes in an exercise of their preparedness for a hijacking event Thursday morning.

After the “perpetrator” was taken from the scene and secured, the airmen moved to secure and check the conditions of the “victims” of the incident, some of whom were heavily made up to look bloody and hurt to help with the realism. Those who could still walk were told to stand in line in a decontamination area where firefighters simulated spraying them down with liquids to rid them of the unspecified chemical agents used to hijack the plane.

As they made their way to the decontamination zone, a member of the Exercise Evaluation Team, or EET, had one of them freak out as though in shock.

“It’s an inside job, don’t trust them,” the man shouted before being secured by airmen rushing to control the situation.

Those who couldn’t walk were either loaded onto stretchers by firefighters or carried by a crew of three to the decontamination zone.

“They’re professionals, they know what they’re doing,” said Tech. Sgt. Mark Bell of the Public Affairs office of Minot AFB, adding that although he is not an expert, based on exercises he has seen they seemed to have a quick response time and did well.

The official evaluations, including suggestions for improvement, will be given as feedback to base commanders by the EET staff.