The week that was

FINAL VOTE? The Minot City Council is scheduled to vote Monday on a proposed Walmart project to be located on North Hill. The council’s initial vote was 8-5, and the project will need at least eight votes to pass again. Residents living near the proposed retail site have organized an effort to have the store moved to a different location, away from a residential area. Supporters say that North Hill needs additional shopping opportunities without residents having to drive across town. There’s been endless discussion of the proposal, and an obvious split among city council members. We expect that split to continue Monday. Needless to say, Monday’s council meeting will be interesting.

NFL PLAYER’S FALL The fall of former National Football League player Aaron Hernandez over the past two weeks was swift and apparently complete. Hernandez was released by the New England Patriots shortly after he was arrested in connection with the murder of friend Odin Lloyd. He remains in jail after being denied bail. Hernandez quickly became one of the league’s best tight ends in his three-year career, leading to the signing of a new five-year, $40 million contract barely a year ago. Now, Hernandez stands accused of orchestrating the murder of Lloyd, allegedly because Lloyd talked to the wrong people at a night club. Prosecutors laid out some details of the case during a bail hearing last week, and much of it implicates Hernandez. Certainly he is innocent until proven guilty, and the football player’s attorney said the case was circumstantial and his client would eventually clear his name. Obviously the legal side of the case is far more important than the football side, and we must not forget that a young man was killed. Whether Hernandez is convicted or not, his football career could be over after three seasons, given his history of failed drug tests and other incidents. But he has bigger concerns than football.