A very scary experience

Fern Skarphol, Ryder

I just had a scary experience. I picked up my daughter Andrea in Minot and was heading home on 83 South. Usually Andrea sleeps but this time she wanted to go to Taco John’s so she was eating. I had my cruise on 70 and was passing slow vehicles. Was just ready to pass a slow semi about 10 miles out of Minot. I was in the passing lane when Andrea said she thought that there was a semi coming at us in the wrong lane. I looked and said you are right. I put on the brakes and started slowing down to get back in my lane. Made it just in time. I laid on the horn and noticed in my rear view mirror that he finally realized and put on his blinker and got off at the next turn off. Taught me a lesson that even if I need to pass I will wait until I can see clear passing as there are a few hills on the highway and had I been on one of those we would be history. This same thing happened when I was about 19 in the same place and same road. Something told me to pull back into my lane and as I did a car in the wrong lane came over the hill. Just what are the chances of it happening twice. Thank God for Andrea and God looking out for us. Something really needs to be done at the intersection where Highway 23 meets Highway 83. Other people have lost their lives in the same way as we nearly did. Maybe a flashing red light like Stanley has on the south edge of town where the two-lane meets the four-lane.