Company rules out second Wal-Mart store

A second location for a North Hill Wal-Mart store isn’t being sought at this time, according to an official statement by the Wal-Mart corporation Wednesday.

On Monday, the Minot City Council rejected ordinances that would have provided Wal-Mart with the zoning and annexation to build on 21st Avenue Northwest. The 7-6 vote was one short of the needed majority. The location, just east of the U.S. Highway 83 Bypass, drew opposition from residential neighbors concerned about traffic and other impacts of a major retail store near their homes.

“Wal-Mart has been a part of the Minot community, serving thousands of customers every week, for more than 20 years and we appreciate the city council’s consideration of the annexation and rezoning requests that would have given customers an additional convenient shopping location. We do not plan to pursue a second Wal-Mart at this time and will continue to look for opportunities to better serve our customers at our existing store,” said Delia Garcia, spokeswoman for Wal-Mart .

Jill Schramm