Victory over vandals

Riverside Park is back in business.

The small park tucked along the Souris River off 8th Avenue Northwest features new playground equipment following months of work. Last October, vandals burned some of the playground equipment, damaging it enough to close the park.

Fixing the senseless damage eventually cost $33,750, much of which was covered by insurance. The $5,000 not covered by insurance was paid for by the St. Joseph’s Community Health Foundation. The new playground equipment was installed last week. It is designed for children ages 5 to 12, and boasts three slides, a small rock wall and monkey bars.

Some other parts of the park, including two tennis courts, are in need of repair yet, but we’re certainly happy the playground equipment has been replaced and is ready for use. The city and park district certainly had enough work to do following the devastating Souris River flood of 2011, and the last thing workers needed was more damage to repair.

We still fail to understand the purpose of setting fire to playground equipment, and hopefully those responsible will eventually be found and prosecuted. Aside from that, we’re thankful to those who helped with the task of getting the park open again.