Subs to get more pay

Substitute teachers in the Minot Public School District will earn more money this year. School board members approved a pay increase for subs from $110 per day to $140 per day, beginning in August.

School business manager Scott Moum said the increase will put Minot at the higher end of sub pay in the state, but it is necessary because it is such a competitive market and it has been hard for the district to find enough subs.

The board also gave Moum or Supt. Mark Vollmer the authority to negotiate a lease agreement with Verizon, which wants to put a cell phone tower on school land northwest of Jim Hill Middle School. Vollmer said the cell phone tower would not interfere with school operations and the lease agreement would bring more money into the district.

Board members also unanimously voted to choose Jim Rostad as president of the board and Roger Kluck as vice president of the school board for the coming school year. The board appointed Peter Hankla, of McGee, Hankla, Backes and Dobrovolny, as the school district’s attorney.

The board authorized a three-year contract for the Employee Assistance Program, which they said has been useful for employees dealing with depression or personal or work problems. The counseling offered to employees is confidential. According to a utilization survey, it was especially useful after the flood of 2011.