Religion is more than just something to believe

What is the point of joining a religion other than having a higher power to believe in? How could being part of a religion affect and change a life? These questions are commonly asked in today’s society. The fact of the matter is that religion actually does so much more than just give someone something to believe in.

Religion can be one of the main influences on a person’s life. One of the ways religion influences one’s life is by affecting the way they think and their opinions about things. The way a person of a certain faith might form their opinions would be centered around their church’s standards. These opinions will lead to choices, and therefore also be centered around their religion’s standards. Their religion will help them to make choices now that they can be proud of later. These choices will shape the type of person someone will become. One goal for any religion is to become a better person. If a person follows their church’s standards, and lets the church influence them, then they will accomplish that goal.

In every faith there is input and output. Religion will always give back in some way. One of the ways it gives back is to help achieve compassion for others. All religions are different, but the concept of compassion is taught in every religion. Being compassionate helps people to respect others and be more understanding toward another person’s situation.

Not only does religion help to gain respect for others, but also for one’s self. Self-worth is another commonly taught concept in religion. This teaching helps people to realize that they do not need to lower their standards for anyone or anything. By learning this, people will gain a greater confidence and it will make it easier to stand for what is right. This confidence in one’s self and one’s religion will lead to a happier and more successful life. So, although religion may take time and energy, it all pays off.

While religion may give people something to believe in, that is not the only thing it does for people. In my case, being a member of a religion has proved extremely influential and beneficial. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormons, and my religion has always positively influenced my life and benefits me everyday.

Madison Foisy, of Minot, will be a junior at Minot High School-Magic City Campus this fall.