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GROCERIES ON THE HILL It’s been a long time coming, but residents of Minot’s North Hill now have a full service grocery store on the hill. There have been other, smaller grocery stores on North Hill previously, of course, but nothing like the newest Marketplace Foods, which officially opened for business last week. North Hill has lacked such a store for years, and residents have pined for a large, full service store on the hill. Now, it’s here. The need for a grocery store on North Hill was never more evident than during the 2011 Souris River flood, which split the city in half for a time. With access to north-south roads restricted, residents of North Hill still had to make their way to the south end of town for basic necessities. No more. Along with the new grocery store, a hardware store and fitness center will also be open, and officials from Marketplace said there will be more retail outlets coming to the new complex in the near future. All we can say is, welcome to North Hill.

FAIR FOOD DRIVE A fun and impressive display at this year’s North Dakota State Fair will help draw attention to the problem of hunger in the state. A massive field and pieces of farm equipment are being constructed using some 15,000 cans of food in the lobby of the fair’s convention center. Officials with the Great Plains Food Bank of Fargo hope to draw attention to the hunger issue. The event culminates on July 22, which is Pride of Dakota Day at the fair. Canned and nonperishable food items will be collected at the gates between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m., and all the food will be given to the Great Plains Food Bank, which will distribute it to organizations around the state. It’s a great project, and the first such event held in conjunction with the State Fair. We have no doubt it will be successful in raising awareness and bringing in a lot of donations.