Cleaning station still waiting for repairs

PICK CITY – Fishermen frequenting the Garrison Dam Tailrace have not been able to use the nearby fish cleaning station. The station was closed last fall due to several problems, including a clogged drain field. It was still closed this week.

The cleaning station is operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Ryan Newman of the Corps said this past week that plans are to get the cleaning station up and operating once again. An excavator remains parked near the closed cleaning station.

“What we’ve found is that our septic system has failed, gotten too old and needs to be replaced,” said Newman this past Wednesday. “All the parts are on order. We’ll excavate and replace as soon as the parts get here but there’s no exact timeline. As soon as the parts get here, we’ll do the work.”

According to Newman, all the exploratory work is complete, elevations were taken and the holding tank inspected.

“We are actively pursuing fixing it. It is on the front of our list,” said Newman. “We don’t want a Band-Aid fix. We want to fix it in a way that will address it properly.”

An operating fish cleaning station will be welcomed by fishermen at the Tailrace, usually a popular spot for fishing. However, the number of boats at the Tailrace this summer has been less than usual. Most fishermen say Tailrace fishing has dropped off compared to recent years. Nevertheless, a convenient fish cleaning station will be beneficial to those fishermen who have success on the water.