‘Forgot’ gun just doesn’t quite cut it

A report from the Transportation Safety Administration, those people charged with airport and airline security, reveals that 894 airline passengers showed up with guns on their person or in their carry-on bags during the first six months of this year. According to TSA, the most common excuse given by violators was “I forgot.”

The list of the forgetful included several carrying handguns with live rounds in the chamber or outfitted with a shoulder holster or leg holster. In 2012, TSA reported 1,549 incidents of passengers attempting to go through security screening with a firearm in their possession.

I forgot?

That’s ridiculous. It is quite disturbing that anyone carrying a firearm would forget that it was on his or her person. That is especially true when entering an airline terminal or attempting to board an airplane. Hello!

Responsible gun owners never “forget” they are carrying a firearm. Every gun owner I know would consider it completely absurd to forget they are carrying a loaded firearm.

Is it possible? Perhaps, but extremely rarely. It is apparent that those people who forgot they were packing heat at airports have absolutely no business carrying concealed.

Possessing a firearm carries with it a huge responsibility. Gun owners don’t forget where their loaded guns are. They always know, especially when carrying and especially when entering the most publicized firearms forbidden zones in the U.S. – airports.

Incredibly, it seems as though the “I forgot” line has worked for many at the nation’s airports. The TSA says they are looking for terrorists, not people who just forgot they were carrying a loaded gun. Remember, we are talking about nearly 900 “I forgot” incidents.

All of that aside, one of the most basic safety issues with guns is where they are and which direction the muzzle is pointed. Those who carry never forget, lest they perform a Plaxico Burress (former New York Giant) and shoot themselves in the leg. What’s more, if you forget you are carrying a gun why carry it anyway? That makes no sense. Then again, neither do gun-toting people trying to pass through screening at an airport.

Again, the concealed carry permit owners I know are always well aware when they are carrying a handgun. It has to be that way.

Also, I know of some who have carried concealed and then changed their minds after experiencing it. Even when carrying for protection they become uncomfortable about carrying on their person. They are constantly aware of their handgun, so much so that they find it hard to concentrate on anything else. It has to be that way.

Those who carry have to know whether or not concealed firearms are permitted in the places they frequent. Everyone, and I mean everyone, knows airports are off limits for firearms other than those guns openly declared and concealed in a locked case.

Who are these people who claim they “forgot”? Responsible firearms owners don’t forget when they have a gun in their possession. The irresponsible are deserving of whatever punishment they receive, which should include revocation of their concealed carry permits. They are fools with firearms and a threat to the very right they supposedly cherish, the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.