Making a giant mistake


A vacation destination advertisement sent to thousands of The Mid-Atlantic AAA?Club members featured a photo of Mount Rushmore that listed the monument as being in North Dakota.

Hey, we’ll gladly take the gigantic chiseled heads of Lincoln, Washington, Roosevelt and Jefferson, but we’re not sure South Dakota is willing to give them up so easily.

A spokesman for the AAA?organization said they were embarrassed by the mistake, and were humbled by the error. Sara Otte Coleman, director of North Dakota Tourism, said it’s fairly common to have North Dakota and South Dakota locations inadvertently switched.

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem posted on Facebook that “I would like to thank our good friends in South Dakota for this very generous gift to North Dakota!”

We wonder what South Dakota would want in return for the monument? Perhaps the state would be interested in some Bakken crude oil, or better yet, mineral rights to some property in the western North Dakota oil fields. Nah, maybe we’ll let South Dakota keep the presidents, and we’ll keep the Bakken.