MSU student housing looks slim

Student housing is looking tight for the fall at Minot State University.

With five weeks before the start of classes, director of residence life Devin McCall said the university has so far received about 700 applications for housing and hasn’t yet placed about 20 of those students.

McCall said student residence halls have a traditional capacity of about 650 beds. Availability of beds in Beaver Lodge, the modular housing installed on campus in 2011 to address student housing needs, brings the number of beds available on campus up to about 725.

There are still beds available for the time being, but McCall said he’s anticipating more housing applications in the lead up to the start of the fall term.

McCall said some first-year students will likely be assigned to Beaver Lodge for the first four to six weeks of the fall semester while they wait for other rooms to open up in the traditional residence halls. McCall is also looking at ways to maximize the capacity of student dorms, such as looking at which dorm rooms might be able to have three students instead of two.

The university is also looking at other temporary housing options in the community, such as rooms at local hotels.

McCall said students will be charged standard housing rates. If they end up in non-traditional housing, McCall said the university will be “fair” and will look at other pricing options.