College shares book donations

NEW TOWN – The entire Fort Berthold Community College Library spent weeks sorting through and organizing hundreds of books that were donated to the facility early this year.

Quincee Baker, vice president of Learning and Library Services, said crates full of hundreds of newly printed books arrived in early January. The publications were donated complements of the Brother’s Brother Foundation, McGraw Hill and Life for Relief and Development.

The 2012 publications are contemporary business, economics, higher education, humanities, social sciences and language titles, Baker said.

After sorting through and organizing the books from their delivery crates, the staff then organized the books for distribution to share with local programs, organizations and the general public.

Marilyn Three Irons is the college’s information literacy technician, and Florence Laducer is the library aid.

Over the past months, recipients of the publications included: Gerald “Tex” Fox Justice Center in New Town; Mandaree Segment Office; Parshall Segment Office; Parshall Resource Center; Quentin N. Burdick Job Corps Center in Minot; Twin Buttes Segment Office; and the New Town Segment Office.

Baker was elated for the new text additions in the college’s Library and noted she felt it was important for the area programs and entities to also benefit from the charitable volume of books.

Vicki Robb, Grants and Projects manager for Life for Relief and Development based in Southfield, Mich., the organization responsible for the book contributions, said, “I was actually hired to work at Life in January 1996 to establish an in-kind donations program.”

“During that year we established a relationship with Brother’s Brother Foundation based in Pittsburgh, Pa., and have been close partners ever since,” Robb continued. “Brother’s Brother has been an established humanitarian aid organization for over 50 years and has relationships with large corporate donor’s throughout the U.S., one being McGraw-Hill Publishing.

“In the early years, McGraw-Hill only allowed donated books to be shipped outside of the USA, and then in December 2009, McGraw-Hill for the first time allowed our organization to distribute books to nonprofit schools in the U.S. In 2012, we were allowed to provide donated higher education books to nonprofit colleges here in the USA and that is how I connected with Fort Berthold Community College and several others.”