Keepin’ it redneck

There was a ruckus spirit of redneck on Sunday afternoon as the North Country Mercantile Redneck Relay Race took place near the Dakota Talent Stage at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot.

During the hottest part of the afternoon, contestants interested in channeling their inner redneck gathered to compete in teams of two for the winning prize. Everyone participating in the relay race received a T-shirt and winners for first, second and third places each received gift certificates from North Country Mercantile.

Events featured in this year’s race included five games based on the fastest times. The first leg was the “Moonshine Run,” where contestants ran to the table set up about 50 yards away from the starting line, took a swig from a Mason jar filled with water and spit the contents from their mouths into a jug.

Next came the corn toss where one team member tossed ears of corn to the other team member who held a gallon bucket and tried to catch four ears of corn in it.

Then came the “greased pig” event, which was to keep hold of a watermelon slathered in Crisco baking grease as one team member ran down the field to his or her teammate and passed off the watermelon to the teammate who then ran back to the starting line with the watermelon.

More sprinting was involved in the next event as one team member raced down the field and stuck his or her face in a pie tin filled with whipped cream to find the peppermint patty. That person then dashed to the starting line and spit the patty into the gallon bucket.

Finally, the last event was the wheelbarrow race, each member taking turns at being the wheelbarrow.

Throughout the relay race, there was some friendly ribbing among a few of the teams and all of the contestants were full off smiles and laughs. The audience also provided encouragement to the contestants, making the event a fun and entertaining time.