Business opportunities

Kelley Stryker, Bismarck

Bit by bit over the past couple years, our family has moved from Arizona to the Bismarck-Mandan area, including my parents, my sister and her family, and myself.

This area has proven itself as an enjoyable, safe place to live. Located near the oil patch, no one needs to mention the boom this area is experiencing because of the growth of North Dakota’s energy industry. Opportunity in this state, unlike any other in the country, extends from east to west and north to south.

The growth in the region allowed my parents to start a business in Mandan that I have now joined. In 2012, they started a business with a niche of microbrewed beers, oftentimes very unique and hard-to-find. In the coming months, we will add our own microbrewery and coffee shop.

Their business would not succeed without the region’s vibrant economy, particularly the growth related to the energy industry. Similarly, there’s no doubt that many of us in Bismarck-Mandan rely on the energy industry for our businesses, careers, and families.

We are a proud part of the state’s prosperity and equally proud to make this region our new home.