Back-to-school giveaway set

A giveaway of coats, hats, backpacks, bicycles and helmets is scheduled for 5 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 24, at Minot’s Roosevelt Park. The event is the 10th annual conducted in honor of the late Daysun Gross, a 17-year-old Minoter killed in a one-vehicle accident involving an intoxicated driver.

Daysun’s uncle, Bob Gross of Minot, is the event’s organizer.

This year’s giveaway will consist of 1,100 winter coats, 400 winter hats, 1,000 backpacks, assorted school supplies, 500 new bicycles and 200 bicycle helmets. While the event is aimed at helping parents and children who might not otherwise be able to afford the items slated for giveaway, a short program will again emphasize the message of the dangers of DUI.

“You have to say why we’re here,” said Gross. “We do this because someone died and someone could die again. Let’s prevent that. I just hope to touch someone’s life.”

Magic City Harley-Davidson made a generous donation to spur fund-raising for the purchase of bicycles. Without their help, said Gross, bikes would not have been included in the upcoming giveaway.

“They wrote a check for $10,000, called a couple of buddies and suddenly raised $22,000 for bikes,” said Gross. “I’ll be honest. Without that there wouldn’t have been any bikes. They are thrilled, I’m thrilled and the kids should be more thrilled.”