Democrats out of touch

Marlene Axtman, Jamestown

Recently, Democrats have really out done themselves in the outlandish name-calling category. From comparing Republicans to slave owners, to saying they hate children, they have unleashed a new slate of unsupported attacks to evade a real and constructive conversation.

These are just the latest examples of North Dakota Democrats trying to hide who they really are by name calling and parading around attacking the Republican record, but never showing their plan.

The fact is, North Dakota Democrats are the definition of an out of touch party. They unceasingly try to bend the reality in North Dakota and try to distort the fact that we are a shining example of prosperity in a time of economic downturn for our nation. Frankly, North Dakota Democrats are livid that we have a thriving economy here because it was Republican policies that brought it about, not Democrat farces.

Democrats try to say all of the prosperity is because of natural resources. However, many other states have abundant natural resources, but they are not seeing growth like we are. That is because development can only happen under sound leadership with the right policies and that is what the Republicans here in North Dakota have been doing.

If you need an example of how a state looks after years of Democratic control, look to California, New York, or Illinois. Is that what North Dakota Democrats want for our state?