Eliminate MAGIC Fund

Nick Schmitz, Minot

Recently The Minot Daily News wrote an editorial on July 24, 2013, questioning the city giving $4.4 million to multiple private and government related entities. In that editorial, some of the right questions were asked, including: “How can the city council now say no to anyone?” And yet, The Minot Daily News in its July 29, 2013, editorial endorses $800,000 in taxpayer funded assistance to United Poly Systems.

The money for these projects might come from different funds, but it is all taxpayer money. The Minot Daily News also asked in the July 24, 2013, editorial what concrete benefits taxpayers are receiving from organizations that the city simply gives money to. The same should be asked of United Poly Systems and the answer is the same there are no concrete benefits for the taxpayers. The benefits go only to the private businesses that receive the money. The taxpayers are directly harmed when they are taxed. Their standard of living is negatively impacted. The best way to improve the standard of living and quality of life for the taxpayer is to let the taxpayer keep his own money.

The economic situation in Minot right now is fantastic. Minot made the decision not to allow Wal-Mart to build a new store. Wal-Mart did not request any financial assistance from the city and would have created many jobs. If the city feels they do not need the economic development Wal-Mart wanted to bring on its own dollar, then the city should not be looking to give $800,000 in taxpayer money to subsidize a private business. In the end, it is wrong for the government to be involved in picking and choosing the businesses that it will allow, not allow, or subsidize with taxpayer money.

It is time to eliminate the MAGIC fund. It has, at best, a dismal history and has squandered millions of taxpayer dollars. It serves no valid purpose and is not an appropriate government undertaking. Taxpayers should be able to keep their money and not have it taken away by government to be given to private entities. Why should families be taxed to underwrite private business ventures?