City cleans for visitors

David Morris, Minot

The city of Minot should be ashamed. Our residential streets have not been cleaned at all this season, but yet, Wednesday, two days before the fair they can have not one but four street cleaners at 5:30 a.m. cleaning 21st Avenue by the Fairgrounds. Then the very next day they are cleaning Fourth Street. Is the Fair more important than the residents of this town, or maybe it’s just whitewash for the visitors.

After the flood, the stoplight at Burdick and 21st flashed for a year and a half, then all of a sudden it was fixed, and guest what, it was repaired the week of the fair. So does this town need a special event to get issues resolved?

It seems as though this town cares more about visitors than it does about the good people that made this town what it “use” to be. They have let every fly-by-night contractor come into this town to build poorly constructed homes, and then charge outrageous prices for them, ruin streets, and drive up prices. There is no doubt that the flood was devastating. My heart goes to the unfortunate that were flooded and now have to deal with what Minot is forcing on them. We also have oil the region to deal with; seemingly, Minot would rather take care of the outsiders, before they take care of their own. Someone is getting their pockets lined in this town and it is not the good people of Minot. You have raised our property taxes you are getting money from oil companies you have gotten this FEMA grant and that FEMA grant and several sources federal funding, but yet, where is that money going? Yes, you fix a few streets, throw out a carrot once in a while, but what else have you done for us?

Traffic laws? Who needs them in Minot. Speeding is out of control, overweight vehicles on residential streets, illegal turns and forget the stop lights, might as well just run them like everyone else does. Good job Minot, you should be proud of what you have done to this town.