Man struggled to remain in burning vehicle

An unidentified man sat in his burning van in a parking lot directly across Third Street Southeast from the Ward County Courthouse in Minot Thursday morning and refused to leave.

The Minot Police Department recieved a call reporting a vehicle on fire and dispatched an officer to the scene. Both an officer and a courthouse security guard attempted to make the man exit his vehicle as the engine compartment and the inside of the vehicle, which was riddled with papers, burned.

According to Minot Police Department Chief Jason Olson, not only did the man refuse to exit the vehicle but then stepped on the vehicle’s accelerator and rammed his van into a guardrail in the parking lot.

With greater insistence, emergency personnel were able to remove the man from the van. Despite early rumors that the man was naked, Olson said the man was not wearing a belt and in the struggle to remove him from the vehicle, his pants fell to his knees.

Following the incident the man was transported to nearby Trinity Hospital for minor injuries and to undergo a mental evaluation.