Park District to continue removing diseased trees

The Minot Park District will continue removing from city boulevards American Elm trees that are infected with Dutch elm disease, said city forester Brian Johnson.

“We’ll be out removing diseased elm trees for the next few weeks and then we’ll be back to removing and pruning,” said Johnson.

Johnson said the tell-tale signs of Dutch elm disease arise if the tree starts to turn yellow, followed by the leaves. Crews that are out also note trees that appear to be infected with the disease that are located on private property and post a notice giving the owner a few days to arrange for the tree’s removal.

Johnson said the department has also done some tree planting this summer. Volunteers from the North Dakota Extension Service and 4-H planted trees in locations such as Oak Park. The saplings are different varieties.

Among some that were planted were maple, Dakota Pinnacle birch, frontyard linden and Catalpa. The saplings have a 1- to 2-inch diameter.

Johnson said after the Dutch elm disease tree removals are done, his crew will go back to pruning.

“There are 23 parks in the entire city of Minot that are basically our domain,” said Johnson. “We’re busy.”

Andrea Johnson