County seeks input on road priorities

Two people showed up to the Ward County Highway Department Farm to Market Program 2013 meeting at the Ward County Courthouse in Minot Thursday evening. Highway Engineer Dana Larsen requests more input from the community on what should be considered priorities for improvement of major county roads and highways over the next five years.

The meeting began with a 30-minute presentation on how money was spent in the past, projects that were approved last year and are being worked on today, how much money was spent last year and how much money has been spent this year.

The county has spent over $1 million per month so far in 2013, coming in at $8.1 million dollars on road work for the 714 miles of total roadways the county operates.

That compares to $10.2 million spent throughout 2012, which was about $300,000 less per month when the whole year is considered.

There were 10 major construction projects in 2012, with 13.3 miles of overlay projects, 24.6 miles of structural overlay projects, and 22.5 miles of graveling projects.

So far there have been four major projects in 2013.

There was 9.3 miles of reconstruction on County Road 8, 1.2 miles of overlay work on County Road 23, 81 miles of county-wide seal coat, and replacing a bridge on County Road 6.

The two men who came to voice their concerns at the meeting were both concerned with flood waters taking out roads near their home or property and wanted to know what the time table for repairs would be.

Residents with concerns or comments can submit their information to the Ward County Highway Department until August 12. Contact information, as well as Farm to Market information, including the full presentation, is available on the department’s website (