School vandalism sickening

Senseless. Absolutely senseless.

It’s the only way to describe the spate of vandalism done at the new Erik?Ramstad Middle School, which is under construction on Minot’s North Hill.

At some point on Wednesday evening, hooligans entered the school and wrote profanities on the wall of the music room, dumped paint on the floor and emptied several cans of epoxy sealant onto the floors. Some paint brushes and rollers were among some building materials that were stolen. Then Thursday night, there was at least one small fire set in the school that, luckily, caused minimal damage.

It’s disturbing to say the least that someone would sink so low as to vandalize a new school that’s being built to replace one destroyed by the 2011 Souris River flood, a building that represents an improved education future for middle school students. It’s sickening, actually, and it will mean more work for the crews already striving to finish the school as soon as possible so it can become home to students, teachers and staff alike.

Security around the new building has been beefed up, which hopefully puts an end to this hooliganism. But those responsible, whether juveniles or adults, need to be apprehended, charged and convicted. Some hours of community service would also be a good thing, so the perpetrators can be shown what it means to be a productive member of this community rather than being a thief and criminal.