Meaning behind ‘reform’

Why is it that almost always, when the word “reform” is used in Washington, it means bigger, more expensive government? And why is it that when liberals talk about creating jobs, they really intend to place new obstacles in the way of the private sector?

It is happening again. President Barack Obama and conservatives in Congress are discussing corporate tax “reform.” Both sides said the goal is to simplify the tax code and reduce the amount government takes from real job creators.

But here’s the catch: Conservative lawmakers are balking at part of Obama’s plan for alleged “reform.”

The president says he wants to use proceeds from the process to fund new government jobs programs. Conservatives don’t like the idea.

Whoa. “Proceeds?” In what universe does a tax cut give government more money?

Republicans and thoughtful Democrats in Congress are right to object to Obama’s proposal. It sounds like more of the same from this tax-and-spend socialist administration, something we’ve seen all too often in the time since Obama moved into the White House after the 2008 election.