Proud to live in North Dakota

Jerome Behm, Burlington

I am writing to comment on the letter written by Don Feller which appeared in the Sunday, July 28, 2013, issue of The Minot Daily News. Feller goes on to shame North Dakota by saying that he is stunned by the drastic turn of attitudes by the electorate of North Dakota. He says that “in his years, religious views didn’t intrude into the lives of citizens and that is exactly what has happened in the case of your latest 15th century abortion laws.” Feller doesn’t seem to realize that prior to 1960, abortion was illegal in every state in the nation.

The question I ask is what if anything does Feller know? I really think that we all should be ashamed of him. Don doesn’t seem to realize that we have laws against such things as murder, torture, rape, theft, and other things that would hurt or damage us. Even though these things all fall under the admonitions of the 10 Commandments, they are nonetheless addressed under our civil law.

Now that science has determined that life begins at conception, what is wrong with extending the protection of human life to the time that it actually starts? I commend our legislature for its pro-life stand and am proud to live in a state which recognizes the sanctity of life and when it starts.

Feller claims that he was educated in North Dakota for 16 years. He has apparently failed to take advantage of those 16 years of education that he has received here and it is a shame that North Dakota should have to try to re-educate a 50-year West Coast liberal. Don is an embarrassment to himself. I, for one, do not appreciate his clearly uneducated rant about North Dakota!