Senseless vandalism is costly

The idiotic vandalism last week at the new Erik Ramstad Middle School under construction on Minot’s North Hill still makes us angry, especially after learning Tuesday that the cost to clean and repair the damage will top $100,000.

The good news, if there is any in such a senseless act, is that the damage isn’t expected to delay the opening of the school, which is still set to happen during the Thanksgiving break in November. Supt. Mark Vollmer said the cleaning company will be working around the construction. Thankfully, the two small fires started by the criminals didn’t do any structural damage to the building, although there was plenty of smoke damage that needs to be cleaned.

We’re happy the schedule to put the school into use won’t change, but the fact that cleaning crews are needed because of vandals is frustrating, to say the least. There shouldn’t be any more vandalism at the building, since security has been increased. The building is sealed and security personnel are on duty at night, when construction crews aren’t working.

We’re disappointed that while the vast majority of the community continues to work toward post-flood recovery, there are those who choose to damage a new school rather than be a constructive member of society. Shame on them. We’re not necessarily surprised by the acts of vandalism, but we’re extremely disappointed. We expect the responsible parties will soon be caught and dealt with by the justice system.