Hope Village goes on

The mission of Hope Village isn’t changing, even though some of the housing units in use at the south Minot location are being sent to other parts of the country.

Three bunkhouses are being transported to Moore, Okla., the site of a tornado last May. But Hope Village will continue to provide volunteer services to flood victims in the Minot area through October.

Several faith-based agencies have been working together since the 2011 flood to create Hope Village, which has housed and fed out-of-town volunteers since April 2012. Officials at Hope Village also coordinate jobs for visiting volunteers and local groups helping flood victims.

Volunteers continue to arrive in Minot, although the number of volunteers has dwindled to a couple of dozen late this summer. Since it began, Hope Village has aided 480 households in the area, and officials expect to exceed the goal of helping 500 households. About 4,000 volunteers from 42 states and four Canadian provinces have contributed to the recovery effort. With the number of volunteers growing smaller, the village no longer needs as many sleeping units, which is why the units are being utilized elsewhere.

But the good work done by Hope Village and the volunteers it brought to the area goes on, and the impact simply cannot be overlooked or forgotten. The agencies have been a tremendous asset to recovering families in the Minot area, many of whom wouldn’t be as far along as they are in the recovery process without the help of volunteers organized, housed and fed by Hope Village. It’s that kind of we’re-all-in-this together attitude that has helped Minot recover from the Souris River flood of 2011.