Peace Garden show right on the button

DUNSEITH – Hazel McCullough lived an ordinary life as a wife and mother in Manitoba. An Internet search reveals nothing about her life. Still, she leaves a tremendous legacy that will be revealed Saturday and Sunday at the International Peace Garden Button, Quilt and Thimble show. McCullough loved buttons and spent years accumulating and organizing her 60,000-piece button collection.

Ten years ago, a Killarney, Man., woman, Susan VanDeVelde, recognized the significance of the collection and bought it from Hazel’s son. Last fall, VanDeVelde sold the collection to the Minot-based vintage and antique button company, 183 Trading Co. The Hazel McCullough collection will be available for viewing and sale at the show.

183 Trading Co. specializes in vintage and antique buttons. Minot’s Elizabeth Hoppman and Kae Watson, owners of 183 Trading Co., have spent the last six months cleaning and organizing the collection for the International Peace Garden show, held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For more information, contact 183 Trading by e-mail at glassbuttons

During the event, 183 Trading will be joined by the Prairie Button Keepers of Winnipeg, and Mary Smith of Deloraine showcasing 1,000-plus “Thimble Keepsakes.”