Jones served admirably

Retired general David C.?Jones was a visionary, according to those who worked with him during his long career in the Air Force. Jones, who was born in South Dakota but grew up in Minot, died Aug. 10 at the age of 92.

Jones’ lengthy and impressive career made him well-known in the military and political worlds. He flew more than 300 bomber missions over North Korea, and after the Korean War he served as a top aide to Gen. Curtis LeMay. Jones served on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, first as the Air Force chief of staff and then as chairman from 1978 to 1982. He was responsible for a reorganization of the country’s military command, and many of his suggestions were included in the 1986 Goldwater-Nichols Department of Defense Reorganization Act, according to an Associated Press story. The legislation streamlined the military chain of command. His family said he rose from colonel to four-star general in 5 years.

Jones attended the University of North Dakota and Minot State University, but dropped out to enlist in the Army?Air Corps. Jones is remembered well at Minot State. The David C. Jones room, which is filled with memorabilia, is dedicated to the retired general. It’s a well-deserved honor for a man who served his country admirably and honorably.