Stop ‘King amendment’

Orlys Nilsen, Minot

The Farm Bill’s potential inclusion of the “Steve King amendment” is a threat to all of us who believe in states’ rights and farmer freedom. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, while masquerading as pro-farmer and anti-big government, has authored a provision in the Farm Bill that’s the antithesis of these qualities. The “Steve King amendment” would strip states-and farmers-of the ability to set their own laws for agricultural practices, and eliminate laws they have already set in place. State laws that protect family farmers, promote the health of rural communities, and protect food safety, could all be wiped out if this amendment makes its way into the final bill.

Please join me in imploring Sen. John Hoeven, who’s on the Farm Bill’s conference committee, to do everything in his power to stop the King amendment from becoming law. Don’t let Iowan Steve King take away our rights here in North Dakota.