Home away from home

The massive Queen Anne-style pink house with the wrap-around porch at 425 S. Main St., across from Trinity Hospital, will have a new look in the near future while remaining a place to find rest and breakfast.

The name of the place will be Li’l Annie’s Bed and Breakfast, said owner and operator Anna Kenny, because her father, who has since died, used to call her “Li’l Annie” because she was three pounds when she was born. “And I think it sounds welcoming,” she added.

Kenny said she is hoping to have the place up and running in a year and a half due to all of the remodeling that will be done on the house. “The house was built in 1903,” she added. “So I hope it will last another 103 years.” The cost to stay overnight at the bed and breakfast hasn’t been decided yet, Kenny said, but she doesn’t want the cost to be expensive like some of the hotels have been lately. “I want the cost to stay under $200 a night.”

There are many improvements being made on the old house. Kenny said there will be four rooms added on, including one for handicapped guests, and the kitchen will be expanded. There will also be new siding and roofing put on the house, so the house will no longer be pink, she said. Instead, the color of the house will be sage green and have antique red and white accents. That should hopefully make the house “pop,” Kenny said.

Other improvements will include a covered porch with tables set up for people to sit and eat breakfast, Kenny said, and there will also be parking in the back so as not to take away from downtown parking. “I’m sacrificing a backyard for parking,” she added with a laugh. The parking area in the back will also have wrought-iron fencing around it as well as a sprinkler system.

To start with, it will just be Kenny and her husband, Rodney, operating Li’l Annie’s Bed and Breakfast. “But if it gets really busy, we may have to hire some staff,” Kenny said.

The property was once a bed and breakfast called Hillside House. It was grandfathered in and zoned to be a bed and breakfast, she added, which she was grateful for.

Operating a bed and breakfast has been a lifelong dream, Kenny said. “It was a miracle that I got the place,” she said. “It was up for sale for two years and no one qualified to buy it.” There have been some little bumps along the way, Kenny added, but she’s keeping an eye on the prize and focusing on the end result.

“This is my dream coming true and I’m accomplishing my goal,” she said.