Recovery continues in Burlington

Recovery continues in Burlington, where a $100,000 contribution will help rebuild the town’s flood-ravaged baseball and softball complex.

The DeSour Valley Development Corporation’s $100,000 contribution will help the Burlington Recreation Commission repair the damage to the Burlington Sports Complex so games can be played there again next spring. Most of the landscape work is done, and a foundation has been poured for a new concession building. There’s still work to be done, of course, to finish the concession building, bathrooms and grass. But community residents have already done a ton of work at the complex, with fundraising efforts paying for playground equipment and fencing.

Burlington has long been a community adept at taking care of itself, and that spirit obviously continues. Volunteers have helped repair flood damage from 2011, and lay the groundwork for the recovery of the city’s sports complex. Soon, grass will be planted for the fields, and by next spring, the plan is to begin playing games there again just another step in Burlington’s long road to recovery.