Moving day has arrived

New Minot State University students received some help on move-in day from their professors and fellow students.

“It’s going to take about five minutes now,” said Taylor Miller, a freshman from Regina, Sask., who was greeted by a swarm of faculty, administrators and fellow students as soon as her car pulled into the parking lot on Thursday. All were ready to help her move her things clothing, bedding, a mini fridge and a television set, among other items into her new home in Cook Hall.

Chelsea Holmstrom, a transfer student from Missouri, had only her fiance to help her move into Cook Hall. She said the extra help was welcome.

Minot State University has been holding “Move In Day” since about 2005.

Minot State University President David Fuller, who was there helping the students move in, said he believes that the tradition reassures parents that Minot State University will treat their sons and daughters right.

Fuller said new freshmen can be a bit unsure of themselves in those first days and parents can get teary-eyed at the prospect of leaving their sons and daughters behind on campus. Fuller hands out business cards and tells parents to call him if they ever have an issue. Over the years, Fuller said he has received a few phone calls from concerned parents.

This was Fuller’s last “Move-In Day” since he will be retiring next summer.

Minot State has a full house going into the fall semester, and will be using overflow housing at local hotels to ensure everyone has a place to stay. There are 742 students signed up to live in student housing this fall, up from 676 students a year ago.

Classes start Monday at Minot State.