Weeds are out of control

Gary Panasuk, Minot

It’s amazing to read that the mayor thinks the city has to ask the oil field people how to cut weeds on city lots, or maybe we have to hire a consultant to figure it out. You can see the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

Dan Jonasson says they have a handle on it. Well, you don’t have a handle on it as there are more noxious weeds spewing their seeds everywhere. When the wind blows it looks like a blizzard of thistle seeds. The city was called July 1, 17 and 31 to take care of this problem before they bloomed. They never return your call nor cut any weeds. The lots are full and the dikes are full, the railroad right-of-ways are full of weeds. Why do we have ordinances to cut within 48 hours, does it only apply to residences and not city property.

Why give $80,0000 to a pipeline company to set up shop here? In case you city leaders haven’t figured it out yet, we are in a oil boom. We should not have to pay companies to set up shop. Maybe you should use that money to hire help to cut weeds and fix roads. Most companies that we gave money to skipped town. The taxpayers are left holding the empty bag.

This is truly a tragic city when there is no shame in how it is run. For you people who voted for the 1 cent sales tax and they said they would not raise our property tax, what a lie! We heard that six or seven times now and my property taxes go up every year. Let the oil companies pay for the new airport, not the property owners.